Our school—the Learning Areas

The Art Studio provides many art mediums, which include paints, pastels, charcoal pencils, watercolours, and so many other wonderful materials. The children will be guided with their teacher and the art teacher into experimenting with these materials. They will be able to learn many ways to represent their ideas and discussion making through drawings, sketches, and paintings. In this area they will also discover the many properties of clay, collage making and many other art principles.

The light table provides the children with cause and effect exploration. It also promotes creativity and imagination. There will be many ways to use the light table through art, tracing materials, language experiences and transparency exploration.

The Every Day Life Workshop allows the children to explore everyday real and found materials. These materials can be items that we find at home or around our community. The children are able to explore with these materials freely and role-play their concepts of relationships.

Sand, Water and Sensory materials engage the children in exploring their world through the senses. There are many ways children will explore sand and water using different tools.

The Language Area will provide many educational tools for communication. There will be paper, writing utensils, alphabet stamps, phonic materials, and a computer. Each child will also have their own mailbox; this will encourage children to send special messages to their friends within the classroom or throughout the school.

The Outdoor Curriculum is yet another place of discovery, building social relationships, and imaginative play. There are two distinctive play structures for the toddlers and another for the preschool children. Around the play structures will be a bicycle trail, garden, and an outdoor art studio, which will enable to carry their discoveries from the indoor to outdoors. Along with an outdoor stimulating environment, children will build on their gross motor skills and get fresh air. A privacy fence to ensure sunshade and safety surrounds the whole outdoor play area. The children will also sometimes engage in walks in the community for any further discoveries or investigations.

The Market Place encourages children to interact with other children in the school as they “sell” their wares. The “sale of goods” enables children to experience building relationships, building math concepts, decision-making, organizing, grouping, seriating and arranging of materials.

The Construction Workshop like the Market Place will give the opportunity for children to problem solve and build on math concepts. It will also include exploration of balance, design, block building, cooperation, and negotiation.

The Relaxation and Reading Area offers children many types of storybooks, magazines and audio listening equipment surrounded by cozy chairs, table and chairs, and pillows.

The Lunch Rooms will provide hot meals served by an experienced cook. The lunches and snacks are nutritional and follow the Canadian Food Guide for Healthy Eating. The cultural diversity of the community and the families will be reflected in the menu planning. Please note that the school is a nut free environment and we have taken all precautions to ensure this policy.