Our Objectives

  • To ensure a safe and secure setting where each child will be able to explore freely his/her environment.
  • To provide a stimulating environment that engages children’s curiosity of learning.
  • To encourage artistic and aesthetic development through multimedia materials and representations.
  • To nurture social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and artistic development in each child.
  • To encourage self-esteem, confidence, and building relationships with peers and teachers.
  • To promote self-respect and respect to others, materials, and environment.
  • To stimulate in each child an increasing awareness of him/herself and the surrounding world.
  • To promote an open and ongoing dialogue between the childcare, staff, and families.

The Piazza

The Piazza is our meeting and gathering place in the central part of the centre. Here is where relationships begin, children from the preschool, nursery, and J.K. and S.K. classrooms integrate at the beginning of the day. Parents may have the opportunity to talk with teachers, other parents and even have a coffee/tea before setting off to a busy day at work. Once again the importance of relationship, communication, and collaboration takes place in the piazza. There are activities that take place for children, or children may want to interact with other children from one of the other classrooms.

The Role of the Atelierista (the art teacher)

Our art teacher has a degree from the Ontario College of Arts. Together with the teachers in the classroom, the atelierista will have deep understanding towards children’s relationship with art media and other materials and how they can learn from them. The atelierista’s role is to teach the children about the appreciation of aesthetics in materials. The children will also be guided with the opportunities of expressing themselves by using the “hundred languages of children” and collaborate in developing and displaying the documentation of the children’s projects throughout the centre. The art teacher will work with the preschool, nursery, and J.K./S.K. once or twice a week or as needed. We look forward in creating further art experiences with the infants and toddlers; we will keep parents posted on this further research.