Developing Meaningful Skills

Each classroom will have learning areas, these are all interconnected with each other for learning to occur:


1.    Art Studio and Light Tables: as described earlier in this handbook, art plays an essential role in the school. We provide the children with many means of art mediums. They are encouraged to explore, use, and respect these materials and tools. Our teachers demonstrate different art techniques including sketching techniques, mixing paints, hot to “look” at an object or structure and draw from it. Children will eventually learn how to draw their play structures or different sceneries. The light table provides children with cause-and-effect exploration. It also promotes creativity and imagination. 

2.    Life Area: allows children to explore everyday real materials. These materials can be items that we find at home or around our community. Children can explore with these materials freely and role-play their concepts of relationships.

3.    Sand, Water, and Sensory: materials engage the children in exploring their world through the senses. There will be different materials and tools for children to manipulate within this area.

4.    Language and Literacy: children will be able to use different types of educational tools to enhance their communication skills. There will be paper, writing utensils, alphabet forms, stamps, and other collected materials.

5.    Market Place: encourages children to interact with other children in the centre as they “sell” their wares. The “sale of goods” enables children to experience building relationships, building math concepts, decision-making, organizing, grouping, seriating, and arranging of materials. This area can sometimes be in the Piazza and in the classrooms.

6.    Construction Area: like the Market Place, it will give the opportunity for children to problem solve and build on math concepts. It will also include exploration of balance, design, block building, cooperation, and negotiation.

7.    Relaxation and Reading: offers children many types of storybooks, magazines, audio listening equipment surrounding in comfort.

8.    Lunch: every day at this time, children assist in setting the table and serving food.