Video access your child's room remotely

Zoe’s Tender Years Child Care has web cams in each classroom that offers remote viewing access and multi-camera display for parents to view their children online from any computer, phone, or tablet with internet access. Our cameras provide the families with a real time video feed into their child’s room which you may access at any time of the day. The monthly cost is $30.00, the webcam allows you to keep up with your child and gives you an insight on their daily activities, schedule, monitor their development progress, and see their interaction with peers. Here at ZTYCC, safety and security are extremely important to us especially since we are taking care of your precious little ones. We are committed to ensure that all video feeds are safe and secure. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can enjoy the added piece of mind that Daycare Webwatch provides you with. Please visit and follow the steps to create your account. While registering it will ask you for a daycare code, please speak to management to receive the code upon enrollment.

Download for free at the app store/ google play: Daycare Webwatch

Website link: